Entrepreneurs: Overview

We've been founders. We know what it's like to try and make things happen. So when we set out to build a better seed-stage funding process, we focused on trying to meet their needs. Here's what we think founders should know about working with us:

  • Transparency. Short version: we tell everyone up front exactly how things will work. Long Version: click here.
  • Stage. Short version: true seed stage companies in any information-intensive area. Long version: click here.
  • Investment Terms. Short version: preferred stock with no Board seat but some reporting requirements and founders sharing a significant level of risk. Long version: click here.
  • Application Process. Short version: electronic application with 2-week turnaround. Long version: click here.
  • Operational Support. Short version: we leverage our volume to create a network of resources that improve startups' chances of survival. Long version: click here.

Founders Are Our Customers

We truly see founders as our customers and good customer service is our top priority. So please review our plans, try our demo, and send feedback to comments@rightsidecapital.com.