Most large, traditional VCs prefer startups with a somewhat proven model that has clear "home run" exit potential. Our focus is different. We prefer startups that haven't achieved product-market fit and we're happy with "base hits".

A Different Approach

At RSCM, we focus on funding startups in what we view as the most underserved segment of the ecosystem. We make 75 - 100 investments per year in companies that:

  • Are at a development stage prior to full product-market fit
  • Have capital-efficient business models
  • Are typically located outside of the SF Bay Area and NYC
  • Are typically at pre-money valuations from $1M - $3M
  • Are typically looking for rounds of $50K - $500K

We strive to give entrepreneurs a firm YES or NO in less than 2 weeks.

We don't like deals where a $40M exit would be considered a failed investment and most of the money goes back to investors through liquidation preferences. We do like deals where a $40M exit is a life-changing financial event for the founders and investors realize great returns.

To ensure we reach a highly diverse population of founding teams, we work with a wide variety of high-quality channels such as TechStars, AngelHack, Founder Institute, angel groups across the country, and other thought leaders in the startup ecology.  

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