About: Company Advisers

We understand the value of perspective and experience. So we've sought out advice from thought leaders in the areas most critical to our success. We're proud to have these outstanding people as Advisers.

Adeo Ressi is a founder's founder. He's started seven companies and is currently devoting himself to helping other entrepreneurs get their companies off the ground. At TheFunded.com he helps founders navigate the startup funding process and at the The Founder Institute he helps founders learn the skills they need to successfully launch their startups. We rely on him for his deep insight into founder psychology and the startup ecology.

John Lee is a financial guru. He serves as CIO/Portfolio Manager for Major League Baseball's Endowment Fund. Before joining MLB, John was previously an original Managing Director at a $7 billion private investment office that invested globally using an endowment model approach across multiple asset classes. In addition, he has held positions as a policy advisor for civic leaders and a U.S. Congressman. Early in his career, he was an early team member of one of the largest online trading firms in the world. We rely on him for guidance on fund management, strategic development, and investment operations.

Steve Bennet is a scholar-angel. He teaches Entrepreneurial Finance at San Jose State University and blogs at ProfessorVC. His portfolio has over 50 early-stage startups, including including Anonymizer (acquired by Abraxis), BiPar Sciences (acquired by Aventis), and Orbital Data (acquired by Citrix). He is a partner at of Cross Coin Ventures and a former Board Member at Sand Hill Angels. His management consulting firm, Bodega Partners, has helped over 75 companies meet their strategic and financing goals.

Jim Matheson is a master of uncertainty. He was one of the early pioneers in applying formal methods to real-world decision making and is an expert in helping organizations construct innovation portfolios. Over the last 40 years he led the decision analysis group at SRI, founded Strategic Decisions Group, and founded SmartOrg to advance these goals. In his spare time, he is a Professor at Stanford University. We rely on him for his deep insight into taming real-world uncertainty.

Want To Help?

We're looking for other outstanding people who can help guide RSCM. If you have deep expertise that you think is relevant and passionately believe in seed stage startups, we'd love to talk about it. Send us a message at comments@rightsidecapital.com.